Big Data consulting. Hadoop implementation. Business intelligence. NoSQL database deployment. Everyone calls what we do something different, but the goal is almost always the same: Helping businesses turn their data into information they can actually use.

  • Big Data Strategy

    We know Big Data, and we know the technologies that make it work. No matter what your current unstructured data architecture looks like, our team can give you a plan to optimize your practices – and the tools to act on it.

  • Hadoop® & Apache Spark Consulting

    For storing, processing and analyzing large amounts of unstructured data, there’s typically no better tool than Apache™ Hadoop®. We can help you build a custom Hadoop solution that fits your exact use case, specifications and requirements.

  • Unstructured Data

    No matter how much data you have, it’s worthless unless folks across the enterprise – business and IT staff – can actually use it. We specialize in deploying NoSQL solutions that turn unstructured information into actual business intelligence.

  • ‘Small Data’

    Don’t have “Big Data?” No worries. The same strategies and technologies we use to unlock the potential of petabytes are just as applicable for smaller organizations, or ones who simply don’t have massive amounts of stored information.

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mammoth data technologies

Mammoth Data specializes in combining strategy and experience with modern Big Data technologies.

No two business intelligence projects are the same. That means it pays to turn to a Big Data consultant with experience across a broad spectrum of frameworks, systems and applications. The size of our “stack” means Mammoth Data is able to deploy the exact technology – or technologies – needed to solve your problem.